As per Indian way of life, we have two dimensions in our life. One is "Material life" and the other is "Spiritual life". In the Material life our wants are unlimited. we find it very difficult to satisfy our wants. however for spiritual life the only way which was taught to us by our Rishi's and Veda purusha's, is to follow the path of "Righteousness" that is "Dharma".

It is our great ambition and endeavour to give a detailed code of conduct as explained in our shastras, Vedas and followed by our great seera and elders. With this ambition, we now bring out this small book explaining various tips in our day to day life to follow the path of Righteousness. Our scriptures lay down various codes of conduct to enable us live comfortably, enjoying mental peace. They do not completely prevent us from doing our daily activities like bathing, eating, and sleeping they merely state that it would be beneficial if they are done properly and in a disciplined manner. Let us also know them. All of us are in search of happiness and tranquillity in our life.

We all aspire to have all the good things, happening to us in his worldly life and, at the end of our life to attain salvation(MOKSHAM). This is the highest aim of all the people. The easy path to attain "MOKSHAM" is to involve ourselves in spiritual activities such as chanting of Mantras, worship of god, fire sacrifice (homam)

Chanting the name of the Lord, recitation, gifting(danam) etc. and to serve others. Many of us, even in these times, try to follow this spiritual path. In order to make this spiritual search very effective it is very much essential that these peole are guided, their doubts are to cleared and they are shown the right approach in this spiritual path.Our spiritual magazine"vaithikasri" is serving the people in this context and is publishing various facts authenticated by our shastras and elders.

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