Publications - Subhashithani (Precepts) Eng Part-1 &2

The Precepts (Adage) known as ‘Subhashithani’ have a special status in reforming the people and guiding them along the right path of spiritualism. ‘Subhashithani’ can be considered as a good friend and a loving wife, who provide the right advice at the right time and in the right measure.


Our great sages have compiled these Precepts supported by easy to understand examples to drive home the point, how one should lead a peaceful, meaningful and a successful life. All the adages are derived from our Vedas, scriptures and Puranas (epic stories) . As one will notice, the precepts given in this book mostly appeals to the younger generation of our modern world. One wonders on the foresight of our sages, as their sayings are relevant even today, after thousands of years. It has withstood the test of time. 


Each ‘Subhashithani’ is like a lustrous precious gem and it drives away the darkness of ignorance from our minds like a flame driving away darkness.


These wise sayings guide people from a practical standpoint, how one should lead a worldly life relating to friendship, professional career, family relations, handling of personal difficulties, how to be successful, how to live in tune with nature  etc 


Precepts are available in the literatures of several languages but we feel the ones that are scripted as ‘Subhashithani’ in our Vedas/scriptures/Sanskrit literature are eternal and have relevance even today. For the benefit of all, as very few can read Sanskrit; 

we have been regularly publishing ‘‘Subhashithanis’ in Tamil in our monthly magazine Vaithikasri. We have taken one more step forward in getting this Tamil work translated in to English for the benefit of our younger generations.


For exactness and authenticity, we have also included the original Sanskrit text along with the English translation. We hope this effort will kindle the interest among people to learn our Vedic language - Sanskrit. 


The sole purpose of this effort is to guide and help our people old and young to lead a path of righteousness as enshrined in our eternal Vedas and scriptures and protect our tradition and culture. 

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