Publications - Sandeha Nivaranee Clearance of Spiritual Doubts Part 3 - 4 - 5


This Book clarifies many doubts on spiritual matters & religious rituals. It shows the correct way to follow the scriptures in modern times. It has convincing answers for modern mind. All answers are backed with proper evidences from scriptures and practice. The answers given in these books are based on our Vedas, scriptures and they are authentic and genuine. There are also some practical suggestions that take into account current day life styles. We have done our best to get the correct answers from the various authorities in our Vedas and sastras. This will assist further the cause of helping people understand our various rituals and practices well. Even more importantly it will guide them to do the right things

About the Author

Brahmasri V. Rajagopala Ganapatigal, is a Salakshana Ganapatee, Editor of the Spiritual Magazine “Vaithikasri”, Publisher of many books on Dharma Sastras and a renowned Vedic Scholar, Shri Rajagopala Ganapatigal is a Great priest and a proficient Lecturer on Ramayana, Bagavatha, Maha Bharatha puranas today. He lives in Chennai. 

His aim is to impart Vedic Sciences & Sastras in the Traditional Gurukulam method and also study of other related subjects in depth, is conducting daily classes, holding weekly meetings and publishing books. To enforce spiritual studies by augmenting spiritual training centers for general public also.

(Contents of Doubts Part-3-4-5 )

Worshipping the God

131. Some people wear lot of jewels, decorate themselves lavishly and perform the pooja. Is that correct?

132. Can we do abishekam for idols of God with hot water?

133. Can we do nivedhanam in mud utensils?

134. What is meant by Saduravrithi tharpanam? What is the benefit of this?

135. When we do archana with flowers, should we place the flower in upright position or should we place the flower facing downwards towards ground?

136. In pooja, while we place mandra pushpam, should we use both the hands or should we use only right hand?

137. While performing pooha, homam, japam should we wear sacred paste like viboothi or thiruman?

In Temples

138. During  Festival days in temples why vigrahams of god go procession on the streets? While utsav time, can we perform archana inside the temple?

139. Is it necessary that we should sit for sometime while we leave, after making darshan in Shiva temple?

140. How many times we can get the prasada theertham that is provided in temples? One time or three times?

141.In Shiva temples, we find different kinds of vigrahas (idols). What are they?


142. Which is the best direction to perform Pooja?

143. Why should we ring the bell while performing Pooja?

144. Why the top of the pooja bell is always structured with Nadhi or Kardudalwar?

145. While doing pooja, at what time we should ring the bell? Can we ring the bell during karpura aradhana?

146. During Navarathiri we should perform pooja for 9 days. But for some years Navarthiri happens only for 8 days. What can be done?

147. During Navarathiri what kind of children we need to consider for kanya pooja?

148. Can we use candles to lit lamps for performing pooja?

149. Can we do archana the next coming days with flowers which are bought during previous days?

150. Should we use five fingers on the right hand while performing archana?

151. What is the best flower to perform archana or pooja for Shiva and Vishnu?

152. Should we give prasadham to anybody after the pooja at home is finished? Is there any mantra or sloga for this? 


153. If somebody performs homam for me, will I get the benefit of the homam?

154. If somebody performs homam for me, should I be present at the homam place?

155. Can the parents do poja, homam pariharams for their children?

156. What are the things can be used for Sandi homam?

157. What is meant by Kooshmanda homam? 
What is the benefit?

158. What is meant by Oupasana homam?

159. Can women perform Oupasana homam?

160. What is meant by Oupasanakni? What is the difference between Oupasanakni and Lougikakni?

161.Can we perform navagriha homam in Oupasanagni?


162. On certain auspicious days if it is not possible to take head bath what shall we do?

163. Can we take bath in warm water during eclipse days? Or should we take bath in Cauvery like river?

Food habits

164. Which is the best direction to sit and eat food?

165. During eclipse, till what time we can have food? Is there any exception for patients?

166. Some people drink by sipping while they participate in yagas like Somayaga. Is this correct?

167. After fasting, if we take food outside (or in somebody's house) the next day, will we get the benefit of fasting?

168. The person who performs sratham should not eat parannam for few days. What is Parannam?

 Auspicious ceremonies

169. What should be done and not to be done on birth star day? Can we perform son's marriage on birth star day?

170. Can we perform daughter's marriage on birth star day (for Swathi)?

171. When both husband and wife sit by the side of each other in podium (mandap) during marriage, on which side the wife should sit?

172. Should we definitely perform Sashtiapthapoorthi (60 year celebration)?

173. During Sashtiapthapoorthi, should we perform Sri Rudra yegadasini?

174. In which age we should perform Sadabishekam (80 year celebration)? At the age of 80? At the age of 81? How can we calculate thousand pirai?

175. If a person does not have husband / wife, can that person perform Sashtiapthapoorthi or Sadabishekam

176. What is meant by Bheemaradhashanthi? When this should be done?

177. Is there any Shanthi homam to be done at the age of 40 or 50?

178. Can we perform Sri Rudra yegadasi - Sashtiapthapoorthi  - Sadabishekam on Amavasai day?

179. What is meant by Ukra radha shanthi?

180. Can a person marry a girl who has Moolam as birth star?

181. It is known that we should perform the first year and 60 year completion ceremony only on birth star day (janma nakshathiram). But if the birth star happens on 2 days consecutively, on which day we should perform the ceremony?

182. Can we perform sacred thread wearing ceremony (upanayanam) on Rathasapthami day or Akshay thrithiyai day?

183. Can we perform daughter's marriage on birth star day?

184. What is meant by Vaasthu? Why should we worship him?

185. Can anybody perform Upanayanam for a boy?

Jothisham (Astrology)

186. What is meant by Panjangam?

187. In Panjangam it is denoted as 'Avama' as well as 'Thrithinaspruk'. What are these?

188. This year (2008) there is eclispse on Amavasai day which falls before Navarathiri. So what is the best time to make kalasa sthabanam for Golu steps?

189. What should be done and not to be done on lunar / solar eclipse days?

190. In temples 'Panjanga padanam' ceremony is held on every New Year. What it is?

191.  In calendar and in panjangam two yogas are indicated for same day. How can we distinguish them?

192. What can be done if we happen to travel during Chandrashtam or Rahu kalam or Yama kandam?

193. What is meant by Mala month?

194. How can we choose best date for travel?

195. Some people say that on certain week days we should not travel on certain directions. Is it correct?


96. Is it necessary that one should wear viboothi or thiruman on forehead while performing ancestral rituals like Amavasai tharpanam or sratham?

197. Should we need to perform Amavasai tharpanam or Griha tharpanam when there is death or birth in the family?

198. Can we perform pithru tharpanam like Amavasai and other days in brass plates? Which metal plate is the best?

199. If parent's sratham falls on the same day of Amavasai, should we perform Amavasai tharpanam along with sratham? Which one we should do first?

200. While performing Amavasai tharpanam is it right to chant the sangalpam, "Dharcha sratham thila tharpana roopane athya karishye"?

201. Shall the brothers perform sratham together? Or they should  perform the sartham only independently?

202. The brahmana who conducts the sratham get angry. Due to this the sratham performer loses interest or affinity towards it, why?

203. If sratham is conducted in remote places where banana leaves are not available, shall we serve food in mud plates?

204. What is meant by Oona Masigam? When this should be done?

205. What should we do with the Pindam that is used for Sratham? Can we serve to crow or put in water?

206. For first one year after death, if the elder son is not able to perform the monthly rituals or masigam every month, can the younger son perform it?

207. If a person takes food in sratham on first day, can he take food in other sratham next day?  

208. Somebody says that the crow while eating sratham pindam should not face southern side. Is it right?

209. Should sratham be performed every year by making homam and serving food? Or is there some other way to perform sratham?

210. Is it very good to perform the sratham in Gaya? What is the religious faith behind it?

211. Somebody says that if we perform the sratham for ancestors once in Gaya, we need not perform sratham every year. Is it true?

212. In Kasi, Rameswaram, Gaya etc where we perform the Stratham, the brahmanas living there are not pure according to brahminical culture. What can we do?

213. Is it necessary to perform tharpanam on the next of the sratham?

214. What is meant by Ashtaka - Anvashtaka sratham?

215. On sratham day, if the wife is not pure, can we perform Aupasana homam?

216. The person who performs karama for the deceased should he take salt less food?

217. If it happens to perform karma for a relative, if the gothram is not known, how can we perform it?

218. Is there any sloga to chant while we climb Thirupathi hill?

219. Is there any mantram to chant while we daily serve rice (annam) for crow?

220. What dosha (sin) will affect a person who lies and acts as false witness for the incident which he has not seen?

221. Is human population the reason for the occurrence of earthquake? Is there any easy way for an individual person to protect from earthquake?

222.  What can we do to prevent the bad dreams which occur during early morning, from becoming true?

223. If we need to go away in between while performing Jabam, Homam etc what can we do?

224. I get pain in my eyes often. What is the pariharam (to get relief) for this?

225. What is the pariharam if we happen to sneeze or tumble while we start going out?  

226. What is the pariharam if we get bad dreams often?

227. Is there any sloga to get the girl's marriage fixed quickly to a good alliance?

228. Nowadays, daily we have to shave ourselves. What is the pariharmam for this?

229. What can we do for the quick sale of the marketable products?

230. Who is called as fool?

231. Is it good to perform the pooja, japam, homam etc with fewer expenses using honest earnings or is it good to perform them with extravagance using the money earned in dishonest way?

232. How to pronounce the Tamil word SRI IYYAPPAN in Sanskrit?

233. Some people look and behave as illiterate even though they are highly literate. Why?

234. What is the opinion of Sasthra about killing the animals and eating the flesh of animals?

235. Can we wear Basil (Thulasi) garland? What is the way to wear?

236. Can we wear Sandal paste and Viboothi at the same time on forehead?

237. What is meant by Harivasaram?

238. What are the things not to be done on fasting day?

239. During "Mala month", what has to be done? What is not to be done?

240. What should be the length of the sacred thread (Poonool)?

241. While we perform the karma rituals, should we wear the Dharpa pavithram in the right hand at the tip of the finger or at the end of the finger?

 242. Before we wear new sacred thread, in the mantra "Ubaveetham pinnathanthu" to remove the old sacred thread, some people chant "Visrujami jale" and some people chant "Visrujami nahi". Which one is correct?

243. Should we wear Yagnobaveetham only after performing yagnobaveetha rituals?

244. Is there any slogan to wear Gopi chanthanam (sandal paste)?

245. If the wife is pregnant what are the things the husband should not do and from when?

246. Shall we do sandya vandanam in the morning (during sun rise) without taking bath?

247. To pray and attain blessings/merits of god there are many ways like japam, homam, parayanam etc. Which is the best way we need to adapt?

248. Can a person foresee the end of life by himself / herself?

249. In all the shanthi mantrams what is the meaning of chanting 3 times the shanthi mantra like "Om Shanthi: Shanthi: Shanthi:"?

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