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we are bringing out the spiritual monthly VAITHIKASRI with Sri RAJAGOPALA GANAPATIGAL as its editor. The magazine will serve as a spiritual guide to all the religious minded theists and will focus on the innumerable precious thoughts and views contained on our three Veda Sastra, You can help and strengthen
our noble efforts and lofty intensions by becoming a subscriber our spiritual monthly.#
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The Salient features of our Vaithikasri issues are:


Pithru Pujanam
 (worship of ancestors) volume-2


பித்ரு பூஜனம் (தமிழ்) பாகம்-3

ஸ்தோத்ரஸ்ரீ் பாகம் 3


மந்திரங்களின் மஹத்துவம்

தர்ம சாஸ்திரம்-பாகம்-5

ப்ளீஸ் வேண்டாமே!

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Sandeha Nivaranee (Guide Lines for Ethical Life) DVD

English Books

Tamil Books

Sandeha Nivaranee (Clearance of spiritual doubts)
Volume 1 -2  English
Rs 250 Sandeha Nivarane  Part 9 Tamil  Rs 200
Sandeha Nivaranee (Clearance of spiritual doubts)
 3,4,5  English
Rs 350 Sandeha Nivarane  Part-1-2 Tamil (out of stock) Rs 150.00
Sandeha Nivaranee (Clearance of spiritual doubts)
6  English
Rs 300 Sandeha Nivarane Part-3-4 Tamil(out of stock) Rs 150.00
Sandeha Nivaranee (Clearance of spiritual doubts)
7  English
Rs 350 Sandeha Nivarane  Part-5  Tamil Rs 150.00
Pitru Pujanam (worship of ancestors) Volume-1  English Rs 130

Sandeha Nivarane  Part-6 Tamil

Rs 150.00
Pitru Pujanam (worship of ancestors)volume-2  English Rs 170 Sandeha Nivarane  Part-7 Tamil Rs 150.00
Darma Sastra (ethical ethics) Volume 1-2-3-4  English Rs 225 Sandeha Nivarane  Part 8 Tamil  Rs 180
Subhashithani (precepts) volume 1-2  English Rs 200 Mantrangalin Mahathuvam Tamil Part-1-2 Rs 250..00

Tamil Books

Mantrangalin Mahathuvam Tamil Part-3 Rs 200..00
Dharma Sastram Part-1 to 4 Tamil Rs 185.00 Pitru Pujanam Tamil Part 1-2 Rs 250..00
Dharma Sastram Part-5 Tamil Rs 115.00 Pitru Pujanam Tamil Part 3 Rs 150..00
Please vendamee (Tamil) Rs 60.00 Pitru Karmakkal Patrt-1 Tamil Rs 150.00
Asiriyar Ennangal   Tamil (out of stock) Rs  100.00 Subhashithani Part 1-2 Tamil Rs 120.00

Monthly Magazine Yearly (12) Bundle  Books  Rs 350.00

  Sthothra Sree Part 1 Tamil Rs 150..00
Download Pamphlet English Books   Sthothra Sree Part  2 Tamil(out of stock) Rs 125..00

Download Pamphlet Tamil Books

s Sthothra Sree Part  3 Tamil Rs 125..00


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