Sri Seethrama Gurukulam Trust

"Dharma protects one who protects it"

Any one can take up the path laid out in the Vedas. He can also do Dharma towards the cause of Vedic Education
Sri Sri Seetharama Gurukulam Veda Patasala is one such Institution founded at the command and Blessings of His Holiness Sri Paramacharyal of Kanchi. With all our Respects & Obeisance's and Pranams to this Great Sage at this juncture we remember his words: - “The Vedas that Constitute the Scripture common to all and which reveal the Godhead that is common to us also teach, us, how to lead, our life, and – this is important – they do us the ultimate good by showing us in the end the way to become that very Godhead ourselves. They are our refuge both here and the hereafter and are the source and root of all our different traditions – all our systems of thought. All sects, all schools of thoughts, our religion, have their origin in Vedas. The Root is one but the branches are many. The Vedas are the source not only for the various divisions of Hinduism, but also for all the religions of the world that may be traced back to them. It is our bounden duty to preserve them for all time to come with their glory undiminished”. The “Sri Seetharama Gurukula Trust Veda Patasala assures that it will live and serve for the study of Vedas and resultant prayers for the peace and welfare of the entire world keeping the above ideal words of Great Sage of Kanchi & Sringery Aacharyas.


To impart Vedic Sciences & Sastras in the Traditional Gurukulam method and other related subjects in depth, conducting daily classes, holding meetings and publishing Books

The students are provided the following things without any cost.
  • Free Boarding and Lodging
  • Free clothing
  • Free Medicines
  • Free books and Stationer One time oil bath in a week
  • One time free transport
  • Free indoor games kits
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